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Podcast Confessional - Branding Sin

July 02, 2020 John & Angel Ondo Season 2 Episode 56
Marketing Media & Cupcakes
Podcast Confessional - Branding Sin
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John shares how he made a mistake (well several) in launching his new Podcast Production brand. In many cases, branding mistakes happen not because of one glaring error but several small errors that alone aren't a big deal, but until you see the whole picture, becomes a major problem.
John shares how rolling his Premiere Podcast brand back under Ondo Media was the best choice he could have made.

John's points to avoiding a brand sin are:
1) Make sure you run your brand through another set of eyes, someone who is not familiar with your brand.
2) Make sure you do a thorough check of the domain name, making sure you check for alternate spellings or other markets with similar business names.
3) Separate brands need separate phone numbers and addresses or Google will count that against you.

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