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How to respond to bad business reviews

July 30, 2020 John & Angel Ondo Season 2 Episode 60
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How to respond to bad business reviews
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If you're own a business you are going to have a bad review show up in a phone call or post online. How should you respond? John and Angel share their process on how to deal with an upset customer. Angel shares her HEAT process.

H ear
E mpathize
A pologize (not for what you did but for the experience)
T ake Action  (do not say what you can't do, but what you can do)

John suggests with online reviews, do not ignore them! You should post online showing you are addressing the issue. Do not get into a post war. If you can't resolve the issue and have it removed by the customer, then you should move the conversation offline. If the post remains, the only way to combat this is to add new legitimate reviews that will reduce the ratio of the bad review and up your rating. Don't have your friends write fake reviews. Have legitimate customers. You should have an active review process to get more reviews. In today's challenging times, it is critical for your small business to have reviews online.

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Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening!
How to deal with bad customer reviews
John & Angel Ondo
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Dealing with bad business reviews
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