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5 Tips To Improve Listening To Your Customers

November 21, 2020 John & Angel Ondo Season 2 Episode 70
Marketing Media & Cupcakes
5 Tips To Improve Listening To Your Customers
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On this podcast:

  • Angel Shares 5 tips that will help your customer relationships with your business. 
  • John will share changes we are making as of this episode to upgrade Marketing Media and Cupcakes
  • Angel shares some holiday dessert ideas that are Easy As Pie! 

5 Ways to improve Listening to your Customers

  1. Remove Distractions - and make sure your team know you want them to completely focus on the customer they are working with. Don't Multitask!
  2. Listen for the emotions of your customer-  Much of this relates to the area of the country they are from. We also talk about emails and how to communicate that way. Customers are looking for a "Bid for Connection". If you fail, you likely will lose a customer. 
  3. Don't Interrupt - No matter how much you understand the customers questions, do not interrupt, let the customer finish their thoughts. Plus we discuss how to answer emails. 
  4. Echoing - Repeat back the customers concerns. Empathize but don't apologize. 
  5. Verify Satisfaction - Make sure you have solved the problem and ask if there are any other concerns. Again, make sure your team knows, don't rush to get off the call. 

Big Changes To Our Podcast
We appreciate our audience who've been with us for so long. We feel we need dive deeper into our topics, so starting this episode, we are throwing out the clock and going longer on each podcast. In return we will only have two episodes a month.

We have launched our website so go to now to find our episodes, how to connect and more to come. You can now find us on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram also under MarketingMediaCupcakes.

Our focus will continue to be helping you with best practices for your business.

Today's Dessert: Easy As Pie

Angel shares simple ways you can make a pie. Store bought crusts, canned fillings, but with a little embellishment you can make a delicious treat for the holidays.  Here's an example:

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