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Seven words you should NEVER use

December 03, 2020 John & Angel Ondo Season 1 Episode 71
Marketing Media & Cupcakes
Seven words you should NEVER use
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There are many words and phrases you should avoid in your marketing, advertising and just general communications. John will share 7 words or phrases that you should avoid in your online or broadcast advertising. Angel will share things your customer service team should never say to your clients or customers.

John's 7 Words or Phrases you should avoid in your ad copy

1) Quality
2) Contract
3) Guarantee
4) Discount
5) Cheaper
6) Cutting Edge
7) WWW

Plus John also adds, "Life Changing" and "Limited Offer"  as bonus phrases

Angel's 7 Words you shouldn't use with your customers is:

1. “I don’t understand”

2. “Calm down"

3. “There’s nothing we can do”

4. “That’s impossible”

5. “I’m not sure / I guess”

6. “I’ll get back to you"

7. “No”

Watch John's short film about not poor customer service in the dark comedy Call Center Terror

And our Dessert segment we talk discuss when to use Pure Vanilla Extract and Imitation Vanilla Extract

Here's the article Angel was referring to:

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