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Email Best Practices

January 15, 2021 John & Angel Ondo Season 2 Episode 74
Marketing Media & Cupcakes
Email Best Practices
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Email remains the most accepted way to connect with business communications. Even more so after 2020 and social media platforms becoming less reliable for existing. Angel reviews her best practices for composing emails.

1) Be clear and concise
2) Proofread
3) Copy back important point or responses
4) Use subject lines keywords to get attention
5) Don't say anything you don't want to regret later
6) If the email has to bounce back and forth more than 3 times, call them.

John repeats the phone calls and emails are still best practices for "first contact" situations with clients or customers. If someone DMs you on LinkedIn or Facebook, direct them to email you at your address.

If people contact you via text or some other platform, tell them your best way to contact you is  (is a phone, email, cellphone)

If your cellphone is not for business tell your customers if you give them it, please only use it for emergencies.

Check your email daily. If your business email is on a website or on your business card, and you don't check it often, then remove it from those contacts. You are paid to solve problems
not creating ones but having customers worried that you didn't get a message.

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