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4 Training Tips - Avoid A Drone Disaster

January 29, 2021 John & Angel Ondo Season 2 Episode 75
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4 Training Tips - Avoid A Drone Disaster
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Welcome to episode 75 of Marketing Media & Cupcakes, where we bring best practices for your business. This week John and Angel discuss best practices for your business. Angel has been training staff at her Fortune 500 company for many years. Traning is critical to having a consistent voice for your customers and clients. She shares 4 quick tips that can help your training be more effective. John is a licensed drone or (UAV) pilot. Aerial photography is a great way to enhance your business's brand when you can show beautiful aerial shots of a car dealership or commercial property or just showing off your location downtown.  However, there are risks you take when hiring a drone photographer or trying to do these shots on your own. John will explain why you need to take hiring a drone pilot seriously, and what to look for. Also, ways to make your pilot get great shots for you.

Angel's 4 Training Tips 5:30 into the show
1) Setting Expectations for the  training
2) Make a schedule that divides, lecture with applied learning. No 8-hour lectures!
3) Hands-on Time, or OJT
4) Web/Computer-based training

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What you need to know about hiring a drone photographer at 20:30 into the episode.
1) The need to have a UAV FAA license, DO NOT HIRE someone unlicensed
2) Your pilot should have one-million-dollar insurance policy coverage.
3) Create a shot list for your pilot
4) You cannot fly a drone within five miles of an airport, and you are limited to 400 feet above the ground altitude. There are exceptions and a licensed operator will know what they are.

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